Peningkatan Peran Teknologi Friction Welding dalam Memproduksi AS Sepeda Motor Produk Industri Kecil

Nur Husodo


 Products the axle of motorcycles produced by the method of manual forging by small industries. This production method requires a long processing time and the result shave lower torque strength values​​. One alternative method of productionis by friction welding. The purpose of this research was to evaluate the friction welding technology in producing the axle of motorcycles. Friction welding machine is operated by varying the pressures forging by 1040, 1127, 1214 and 1300 kg/cm2. Preparation of test samples made​​ with 4215 rpm rotational speed, friction time is 45 seconds and. Friction pressure is 173 kg/cm2.  Samples test edits mechanical properties through hardness tests, tensile test, thetorque test and structure micro. Further results from torque test as  compared with small industrial products. The results of this research is the greater forging pressure produce greater mechanical strength. Torque test results on the product of the friction welding is 150 Nm, while the axles motorcycle products in the small industry is 20 Nm. Excellent friction welding technology used to produce products as motorcycles.


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