Pengaruh Variasi Perbandingan Campuran Pasir dan Limbah Pencoran Logam terhadap Kualitas Paving Block

Anis Rakhmawati
Journal article Jurnal Penelitian Inovasi • September 2004

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 16 pages)


This research was done the experimental to know quality paving to use mixture sand and residual metal foundry, so as to result persentage optimum volume residual found1y metal from sand. The experimental use material cement used the Portland Cement Nusantara, sand from Krasak River, water and residual metal foundry from Industry Metal Foundry Batur, Ceper, Klaten. the mixture of the paving is established by water cement ratio was 0.5 and residual meial foundry were 25 %, -!5 %, 50 %, 55 %, 60 % and 75 % from sand 111e result of experiment show use residual metal foundry 60 %from sand was optimum value to give compression strength higher than normal paving with value compression strength was 24.47 Mpa, indestructible was 0.379 mm/mnt, water absorption was 5.483 % and loss weight of natrium sulfat was 0.38 %. Based on SH 0819-83 this result of experiment to .fill qualification for paving qua/tty Ill, expect indestructible net fill qualification. Keywords . Paving, Sand, Residual Metal Foundry.


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