Pengaruh Sudut Belokan terhadap Tinggi Tekanan Air pada Saluran Pipa

Bambang Surendro
Journal article Jurnal Penelitian Inovasi • Februari 2013

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The use ofpipelines todrainthefluidchannelhas become acommonman´s dailyuse, especially inpen distribuaan waterin the household. In the manufacture of pipe installation always foundobstaclesthat ultimately must perform pipe bending-deflection, deflection will result ina lossof energyin the flow. This studyaimed todetermine the effect ofthe bendangleof thewater discharge and determine the coefficientcurves. The study was conductedin the hydraulic laboratory conditions and equipment tailored to the needs to know the energy lossdue to change indirectionon the installation ofgalvanized pipe. The data is obtained through processing and calculations directly in the laboratory of Hydraulicsin Civil Engineering,Faculty of Engineering, University ofTidarMagelang. The results showedthat the coefficienton theelbowbend20 °producesan averagevalueof 0.1, at40 °elbowyieldaverage valueof 0.31,theelbow60 °generate valueby an average of0:54, at theelbowof 80 °producesthe average valueof0.71, at90 °elbowyieldaverage valueof0.93, theelbow100 °producesan average ratingof0.94, theelbow120 °producesan average ratingof0.95, theelbow140 °producesan average ratingof0.96, theelbow160 °producesan averagevalueof0.97. Keywords : Elbow, bendcoefficient, DebitAir.


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