Tingkat Penurunan Kadar Fe Air Sumur dengan Aerasi dan Filtrasi

Ahmad Mashadi
Journal article Jurnal Penelitian Inovasi • Februari 2013

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Wateris a natural renewable resource that can not be separated from human life for satisfy their needs. Water consumed human sneed a quality that ful fill health standards. Problems of tenarise the high Fe content in the water will affect human health. Iron content of the water for fresh water determined by the Minister of Health in1990, should not exceed0.3mg/l. In one of the well's observation have encountered Fe content of thewell's wateris high enough, suspected by the yellow is color and smell fishy. The aimof this research wastore duce level sofFein the water well's observation through aeration and filtration processes. Aeration process tiered vertically and end up with filtration was expected to reduce levels of Fe in the water in order to fulfill fresh water quality requirements. The materials used in this study were filter material of asand, zeolit, wood charcoal and gravel. The method in this study were using avariation of the vertical distance bowls on a differentrung with total fall height 120 cm with a constant water flow. After the water through aeration process, waterpas sed by filtration media 1 and filtration media 2. Water samples were taken from thepre-aeration, aeration of water after everyv ariation and water after passed filtration 1 and filtrasi2. Measurement of Fe content in the water at the Laboratory ofCivil and Environ mental Engineering, University of Gadjah Mada. Results obtaine daeration showed that is not a significant correlation in the decreased levels of Fe contentin the water samples. Results of filtration with filtration media2, thicker sand contained, showed that decreased in Fe contentis better than filtration media 1. The results of a combination of model aeration 2 and filtration media 2 stages showed that decreased levels ofFe content better, ieinitial Fe content1.417 mg/l to 0.299mg/l, thus ful filling the provisions Permenkes Number:416/MENKES/PER/IX/1990. Keywords: Well's water, Fe content, aeration, filtration


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