Over Size terhadap Pengaruh Hasil Pengukuran Keausan, Keovalan dan Ketirusan pada Blok Silinder

Trisma Jaya Saputra
Journal article Jurnal Penelitian Inovasi • Februari 2009

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 8 pages)


Over size piston replacement of a large it´s doameter, so that changer accur diameter cylinder block, it has know for piston moves from the top dead centre to bottom dead cemre or on the contrary, the oval and tapering on the cylinder block, so that there decrease in compression pressure. To overcome this, the piston is replaced with a larger diameter. so as to cylinder block to adjust the size of the new piston, but in this research over size is determined by results of measurements on the cylinder block to the size of a standard, if the size is smaller than the stndard results measurement means that the cylinder block can be done over size. Key Words : contrary, oval, tapering, over size


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