Pemanfaatan Magnetism sebagai Sumber Gaya Gerak

Arnandi, Dkk., Wandi .
Journal article Jurnal Penelitian Inovasi • Desember 2013

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 18 pages)


This study aimed to investigate the characteristics of the electromagnetic force to the changes in electrical current in the coil of electromagnetic field generator. Specimen used is an electromagnetic force generator prototype which is composed of magnetic field generator and force generator. Magnetic field generator coil made €‹€‹of 1 mm diameter of copper wire is wrapped around the core of steel ST 37 and has rectangular cross-sectional shape. Force generator is made of isolated copper conductors 2,6 mm in diameter which placed on steel discs. Characterization of the prototype is done by measuring the weight of the prototype while electric current in the electromagnetic field generator changed. The measurement results indicate that the resulting electromagnetic force is zero. Based on the analysis it is known that the failure is caused by incorrectly design of the geometry of force-producing element. Keywords: electric current, magnetic flux, electromagnetic force


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