Pengaruh Kerja Recloser Pada Distribusi Tegangan Transien Rumah Tangga

Andik Bintoro
Journal article Jurnal Penelitian Inovasi • September 2012

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 14 pages)


Transient over voltage is one of cause insulation failure on the electrical power system if magnitude voltage is higher than BIL (Basic Insulation Level) isolation tool and electrical power component that is used. Circuited surge because of switching is one of factor on causing transient overvoltage. Circuited surge happens due to the operation of recloser to cut the power because the disturbance that is temporary or permanent. This research studies about transient voltage that happens on the salura nudura 20 kV to the load which is connected on the side of low voltage. Analysis uses EMTP (Electro Magnetic Transient Program) program as a tool to stimulate the happening of the circuited surge process on the distribution network 20 kV. The material of study retrieved data from the airways of 20 kV Lhoksun GH (Gardu HUbung) Panton Labu GT Bayu Lhokseumawe feeders. The result of simulation showed that transient voltage that happens along the distribution network will increase. The brief open and close breaks the recloser contact cause increasing of the transient voltage twice the nominal voltage on the angle 90O is higher than on the angle 0O when set the contact closure on the one phase. Recloser switching arrangement can be used to considerate in determining the protection tool on the side of voltage 20 kV and low voltage. Kata kunci: Transien, pensakelaran, recloser, EMTP


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