Perancangan Dimmer Lampu Fluorescent dengan Saklar Pemulih Energi Magnetik

Margono Margono
Journal article Jurnal Penelitian Inovasi • September 2012

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 35 pages)


Electrical energy saving on the fluorescent lamp can be done by adjusting the lamp voltage, so that emitted light as needed. The objective of this research is to ind aout the characteristic of MERS as a dimmer of fluorescent lamp and can set the energy that it used by the lamp. The method that was done was designed the dimmer of fluorescent lamp with magnetic energy recovery switch. MERS application as a dimmer that firstly was done the simulation with PSIM software. The result of simulation as areference was made a prototype and was tested the feasibility. Worthy and unworthy criteria of MERS device can be determined they are the large of capacitance is smaller than the capacitance resonance, the maximum voltage is twice the capacitor voltage sources and have low harmonic impact. The result of MERS application as a dimmer of fluorescent lamp can improve the power factor reachers 0,882, its harmonic impact THDI = 47,8 %, THDV = 2,95 % and as achieving 73 % energy savings based on the usage.Kata kunci : Perancangan saklar pemulih energi magnetik, penghematan energy


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