Analisis Pengaruh Pendapatan Perkapita, Impor, Penanaman Modal Asing, Penanamanmodal Dalam Negeri Dan Jumlah Uang Beredar Terhadap Laju Inflasi Di Indonesia Priode Tahun 1979-2009

Muhammad Asa’At Purba
Journal article Jurnal Penelitian Inovasi • September 2012 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 15 pages)


The background of this research is the problems that often occur in developing countries in implementing its development, for instance: how the country maintainsits economic stability growth, which involves the stability of price level, national income and the growth of job opportunity. The aims of the research are analyzing the growth of per capita income, imports, foreign investment, domestic investment and analyzing the inflation rate and evaluating how big the influence of per capita income, imports, foreign investment, domestic investment and money supply toward the inflation rate in Indonesia in period 1979-2009.From the results of trend analysis, theobtainedresults as follows:(1) the inflation rate from year to year shows declining trend (2) per capita income has an increasing trend from year to year (3) the import trend get increased from year to year (4) the trend of FDI is inclining from year to year (5) the domestic investment from year to year shows an increasing trend and (6) JUB from year to year shows an increasing trend.Based on multiple regression analysis using SPSS 17, it obtains the results of the line equation Y = 9.102 + 0,000001449 X1 + 0,0000437 X2 + 0,000000001 X3 – 0000388 X4 – 0,00004823 X5. From the results of the F test is jointly per capita income, imports, FDI, domestic investment and JUB do not affect the rate of inflation. From the results of t test Partial per capita income and JUB have significant effect on the rate of inflation, while imports, PMA and PMDN do nothave significant effect on the inflation rate.Kata Kunci :Pendapatan Perkapita, IMPOR PMA, PMDN, JUB dan Inflasi


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