Studi Perhitungan Aliran Daya di Jawa Tengah Bagian Utara Menggunakan Metode Newton-Raphson

Sapto Nisworo
Journal article Jurnal Penelitian Inovasi • Februari 2010 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 14 pages)


Electrical power is abase for modern life.the availability of electrical power in high quantity and becomes a prerequirement for society and industry development to fulfill the need of electrical power of the consumers, the system of electrical power needs of consumers. By increasing of electrical power need,the load of electrical power system will increase. The change of load should be seen as soon as possible in order not to disturb the work of the system to know the change of the load, it needs to study load current. The calculation of load current is done by using a computer program while the method used to calculate the load current is Newton-Raphson method.In finishing calculating using computer, it needs to know the equality of circuit of the electrical power system. Circuit parameters that should be known are voltage system, phase voltage angle, current, and complex load current. From the table of data, the result of calculation of load current knowthat the number of iterasi to reach convergency. The total loads that are used to produce the generator are P = 425,871 MW and Q= 238,628 MVAR. The load that is used by the generator is P= 187,800 MW and Q = 79 MVAR while the total lose out of the current is P = 238,571 MW and Q = 158,64 MVAR. Keyword: Newton-Raphson, load current


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