Analisis Kemampuan Tinggi Tekan Pompa Hidroulik Ram terhadap Debit

Kun Suharno
Journal article Jurnal Penelitian Inovasi • Februari 2010

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 11 pages)


Water is one of primary needs for a life for plants, animasl, and humans. Water is needed for human to take a bath, to cooking and exactly need, so water is continous that is needed everyday. In Tampak village, Candimulyo District, Magelang Regency exactly 2 km in the west Candimulyo District, that is a village which has source water it is position under surface of the village approximately 30 meter of high, low meter long, for that reason effort is needed to ascend is the water, for water need in this village can be completed. The Study program of Mechanical Engineering of Engineering Faculty is one study program in Tidar University of Magelang it feels called to appoint ower selves through Tridarma college to applicate its knowledge uses help society in Tempak village to get clean water. One way to use ascend the water that position under surface's eatrh with hidraulics ram energy, move energy get from water energy that through pipe line has 2 inch diameter, i,5 meter water high, 7˚ angle of slope, 12 meter pipi long, even though pipe line, hope the waters can complete society's need this village. Keyword: Source of water, head and hidraulics ram


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