Eksperimental 1 Demensi Konsolidasi Terzagi untuk Menentukan Konsolidasi Tanah Montmorillonite

Nahesson H. Panjaitan
Journal article Jurnal Penelitian Inovasi • Februari 2010

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 22 pages)


Determination is of earth consolidation, especially clay montmorillonite soil of vital importance, because this can cause the happening of unstabilized structures ( construction). Mistake in determining derivation of total soil clay montmorillonite happened at determination of derivation of consolidation after table. This experiment is intended to add scientific repertoire especially in problems of soil clay consolidation montmorillonite cum consolidation basic concept and also model influence of giving of increment load at soil clay montmorillonite to the soil consolidation. By using theorem modification ID Tergazhi, the determination of consolidation phenomenon at soil clay montmorillonite. To prove consolidation phenomenon at soil clay, hence by giving is special treatment where water whose dissipation from soil clay layer arrested in order not to go out from soil layer by the way of pressurizing of water ( hidrostatic pressure ). From inferential done research result that consolidation happened the dissipation influence after table of interstitial water from soil particle as result of giving increment load. Varieties of increment load totally don't cause compared ever greater soil consolidation with varies of increment load step by step. Keyword: consolidation, montmorillonite, Terzaghi


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