Koefisien Perpindahan Kalor dan Penurunan Tekanan Aliran Gelembung Udara Air Searah dalam Pipa Koil Helik Vertikal

Wandi Arnandi
Journal article Jurnal Penelitian Inovasi • September 2010

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 13 pages)


In this study, an experimental investigation was aimed to study the effect of air and water superficial velocities on heat transfer coefficient and pressure drop of air water bubbly flow in vertical helical coil tube. The test section was countercurrent shell and tube helical coil heat exchanger. Hot water was flowed in the shell and air-water was flowed in the tube. The coil was made of copper tube of 7.02 mm inside diameter and length 1780 mm. The coil diameter was 150 mm, and the pitches were 30 mm. The air and water superficial velocities were varied in the range of 0 – 0.0694 m/s and 0.302 – 0.388 m/s. The mass flow rate of hot water was kept constant at 0.05 kg/s and 40oC. The results showed that heat transfer coefficient and frictional pressure drop increase with increasing air and water superficial velocities. Finally, the correlation for two phase heat transfer coefficient and friction factor are provided based on the experimental data. Keywords : Heat transfer coefficient, pressure drop, air-water bubbly flow, helical coil tube


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