Bahasa Asing dalam Teks Papan Nama Usaha Dimagelang

Hari Wahyono
Journal article Jurnal Penelitian Inovasi • Agustus 2009

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 69 pages)


Billboards in Magelang regency varied a lot in the usage of the language. Improper usage of Indonesian language indicated there. The research was carried out based on the variation which cause the improper used of the language. The problem discussed in this research dealed with the background of foreign language used in Billboards. The research describes the kinds of foreign language used and reveal the background factor.The source of the data is the owner of the Billboards. The method used in this research is interviewing the owner and by listening, recording. Method and the language data analysis technique used here is Normative Method and Split Method. Metode padan and PUP (split method) is a method and a non-language data analysis. Based on the data analysis, the language used in Billboards are Indonesian, Javanese and English. There are 18 backgrounds or reasons of foreign language us and 6 kinds of vaocabulary variations Key word: Billborad, language, backround, variations


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