Energi Gelombang Teredam pada Pemecah Gelombang Ambang Rendah

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Journal article Jurnal Penelitian Inovasi • September 2011

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The increasing development of coastal areas for various keperluam such as residential areas, tourism, fisheries, industry and so on have resulted in a variety of pressures on coastal environmental quality. The coastal area is so potentially are qppropriately receive special attention in its security, so that damage due to coastal e1:osion and abrasion can be on tap. To reduce the occurrence of coastal damage due to abrasion caused by wave can be done by making the construction of protective beach, which among others,with a ./ow threshold of building breakwaters (Submerged breakwater), Abrasion coast mainly caused by the energy waves. that hit the beach this regard, the research conducted with the title "Energy Waves breaking waves damped At Low Threshold "The siudy was conducted in the laboratory of the University of Tidar Magelang wave generator. Wave generator that it used ·.has the following specifications:lengih.l9·meter.s,w,idth·ah.4he.ight of each wave channel is 0.30 m and 0:4m,The results showed that 1. Damped wave ener.gy will be greater when the distance between the breakwaters emakin large. Average increase in wave energy reduction due to changes in distance between the breakwaters at 1344%. The increase tends to decrease, with decreases of 0.4%, so it is possible to achieve a condition even though the distance between the widened, it is no longer an increase in wave energy damping. 2. If the water depth above the top point breakwaters low threshold greater, then the energy damping occurs even greater. If the reduction · of energy has reached the highest value, then the wave energy that can be muffled by the smaller, and up to a certain depth of the damping value will reach a value of zero, because the incident wave which propagates above the low threshold breakwater´s can all be transmitted Key words : double submerged breakwater, wave transmission coefficient, wave reflection coefficient


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