Analisis Kritis Aspek Sosial Novel Memang Jodoh Karya Marah Rusli (Critical Analysis of Social Aspect in the Novel Memang Jodoh by Marah Rusli)

Siti Fatimah • Sri Mariati • Titik Maslikatin
Journal article Publika Budaya • 2014

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 11 pages)


The novel of Memang Jodoh is one of Marah Rusli's masterpieces. It describes about the tight customs and traditions of Padang in wedlock and marriage, also there are some rules becoming the tradition that must be obeyed by society. These customs and traditions are not quit of society social life. Padang society has customs and traditions for marriage and matrilineal lineage. This article aims to describe social aspect in Novel of Memang Jodoh by Marah Rusli. Based on the aim of it, the method of qualitative is used. As for the approach of aspect social are applied. The theory of sociology is conducted in social aspect including structure social, social processes, social change, and social problem. The result of this novel analysis of Memang Jodoh is society social structure of Padang which is very closely with customs and traditions caused the society conflict.


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