Pengaruh Pemberian Ransum Berbagai Kualitas pada Produksi Air Susu Peranakan Sapi Perah Friesian Holstein di Kabupaten Sleman YOGYAKARTA

Supriadi Supriadi • Erna Winarti • Agus Sancaya
Journal article Jurnal Pengkajian dan Pengembangan Teknologi Pertanian • Maret 2017 Indonesia


Effect of Feeding Ratio with Various Quality on Milk Production of Friesian Holstein Crossbred Cattle in Sleman District of Yogyakarta. The research was conducted from July to October 2013 at the District Integrated Services Unit – Development Unit for Seeds and Feed of Livestocks and Animals Diagnostic under the Sleman Agricultural Agency of Yogyakarta Province. Total of 16 cows on the 2nd or 3rd lactating periods were divided into 3 groups of dietary treatments including a group as the control treatment. Dietary treatments were various feed supplements in the protein contains of (A) 15%, (B) 13% and (C) 12% with energies of (A) 255 cal/100gr, (B) 261 cal /100gr and (C) 274 cal/100gr respectively. The control treatment was local feed product with 12% of crude protein. The mixture of young corn forage and king grass was provided ad libitum as well as water. The result showed that the milk production of treatments group had no differences (p>0.05) from the control group's. However the average production of milk of group C was higher than group A and B, while the lowest production was from the control group. The milk production of cows of treated groups increased up to 18%. The financial efficiency of feed were IDR3.000 (group A), IDR4.000 (group B) and IDR5.000 (group C). As a result, even the feed treatments have not increase the milk production yet, on the other hand the feed supplements could considerably maintain body condition score (BCS).


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