Kelayakan USAhatani Jagung Hibrida di Kabupaten Muna Provinsi Sulawesi Tenggara

Suharno Suharno • Rusdin Rusdin
Journal article Jurnal Pengkajian dan Pengembangan Teknologi Pertanian • Maret 2017 Indonesia


Feasibility Study of Hybrid Maize Farming in Muna District Southeast Sulawesi Province. Maize harvest area in 2015 in Muna District was 13,159 ha with the production by 32,007 tonnes and the productivity by 2.43 t/ha. This maize productivity is still considered low, due to the results of the study AIAT Southeast Sulawesi on 2014, wich able to obtain productivity by 5 tonnes of dry seed/ha. To increase the production of maize, advocacy anddissemination of technological innovations maize using hybrid varieties had been carried out. A research was applied to investigate the production of maize as well as the income of the farmers. Research was conducted using a structured interview with questionair to 30 maize hybrids farmers and 30 local maize farmers in the Wakobalu Agung Village,Kabangka Sub District, and Bente Village, Kabawo Sub District, Muna District in October to December 2015. The results showed that based on t test, the productivity of hybrid maize was significantly higher than the local variety, so the hybrid maize planting could increase of maize productivity. Hybrid farmers applied urea and NPK while the local maize growers did not use inorganic fertilizers. Organic fertilizer was applied both by hybrid maize and local maize group, yet dose of both groups respectively was varied. Hybrid maize farming with Bima 19 URI variety and local maize was feasible, each B/C 1.07 and 1.17. However the productivity and farmers' income of the hybrid maize was higher than the local maize. The productivity of the hybrid maize by Bima 19 URI was 4,744 kg dry grain/ha and thefarmers' income was IDR8,596,000. The productivity of the local maize was 1,404 kg dry grain/ha as well as farmers' income was IRD4,666,000.


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