Faktor-faktor yang Mempengaruhi USAhatani Jagung di Lahan Sawah dan Lahan Kering

Margaretha Sadipun Lalu
Journal article Jurnal Pengkajian dan Pengembangan Teknologi Pertanian • Maret 2017 Indonesia


The Influencing Factors of Maize Farming in The Wetland and Dryland. Within 2010 –2013, harvested area of maize had been decreased 2.53%/year from the total area of 114,839 ha. Although corn productivity is still low that is about 3.55 ton/ha, during this period there was an increase productivity by 5.11%/year. This result shows the increasing of maize technology adoption yet it is not optimal. This study was conducted in Gowa District, SouthSulawesi Province in 2015, which aimed to determine the factors that affected the roduction of maize farming. This study used a survey method. Primary data were collected through interview of farmers'respondents using simple random sampling. The total respondents were 39 people consisting of 18 wetland farmers and dryland farmers. The results of data analysis showed that the use of urea fertilizer was very high and exceeds the recommendation whereas Phonska and ZA fertilizers were very less as well as pesticides and labor so it affected maize productivity. The yield was still low around 4.69 ton/ha in wetland and 4.40 ton/ha in dry land. Financially, corn farming has been efficient in using production inputs (NPSP>1) and labor (NPTK>1) with profit of 4.470.728 IDR/ha on wetland and 3,069,777 IDR/ha on dry land. The factors of maize production together had a significant effect (F hit > Ftabel 1%) both on wetland and dry land. But separately, only on dry land, land area and labor provided siginificant effect. Partially, dry land area had a significant and positive effect on corn production, whereas labor had a significant negative effect on corn production. Without seeing the type of land, the use of urea fertilizer and labor influenced significantly yet negative. Thus, the increase of maize production in Bontonompo sub-district, South Sulawesi Province can be achieved by the addition of planting area in dry land, reduction of labor and dose reduction of urea fertilizer.


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