The Correlation Between Spiritual Well-being and Depression Level in Elderly

I. Ketut Andika Priastana • I. Gusti Ayu Ratih Agustini • Alfiery Leda Kio
Journal article NurseLine Journal • 2016 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 6 pages)


Depression is common psychiatric illness that affects the elderly. One of interventions might be done to reduce the level of depression in elderly is spiritual well-being, which is all about one's inner life and its relationship with God (Religious) and the environment including the happiness of life and satisfaction (existential). The aim of this study was to determine the correlation between spiritual well-being and the level of depression on the elderly in Banjar Ketogan, Bali Province. This was a quantitative correlational study with cross-sectional design. The samples of this study were taken by using total sampling with a total of 82 respondents. The data were analyzed by using Spearman Rho test. Spearman Rho test results showed a correlation coefficient (rs) = - 0.885 with p = 0.000 or p < 0.05 and hypothesis testing showed that Z0 = 7.965 and Zα/2 = 1.96 or Z0 > Zα/2 which means Ha was accepted. The results indicated that there was a significant correlation between spiritual well-being and level of depression on the elderly in Banjar Ketogan, Bali Province. Elderly who have depression can build up their spiritual well-being to lower level of depression. Nurses can use religious approaches in nursing care to enhance spiritual well-being and reduce level of depression in elderly.


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