Pemaksimalan Peran Guru dalam Pembelajaran Keterampilan Berbicara di Sekolah

Siti Ulfiyani

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 9 pages)


The purpose of speaking learning in school is not only to make students proficient spoke well for many purposes, but also to trigger students creativity in terms of determining the source of idea and develop ideas. It is also can make students as a good ethics speaker. For the honorable purposes, variety obstacles that come from inside and outside student, often inhibits, one of which is the lack of the students opportunity to practice and perform. The teacher as director, adviser, facility providers and motivator needs to determine the best efforts for the settlement of various constraints. One of which is choose the most appropriate learning strategies. The strategy chosen have to be adapted to implementation procedure of Learning Speaking, so the chosen strategy can be right on target and obtain maximum results.


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