Penilaian Kemampuan Berbicara di Perguruan Tinggi Berbasis Teknologi Informasi Wujud Aktualisasi Prinsip-prinsip Penilaian

Hari Wahyono

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 16 pages)


Assessment is needed in the activity deals with teaching learning process as well as the learning of speaking ability in higher education. Basically, assessment for lecturers is not a novelty. Assessment is important since it is done in every learning process. It is necessary to be done because the result of assessment can be used as one of the standards of learners' competency in understanding the material. Number and value can be used as the standard of learning success since they are the characteristics of the assessment. In doing the assessment of learning outcomes, the lecturers should notice the assessment principles as the qualified assessments guidelines. The assessment principles which are needed to be actualized in the assessment of learning outcomes in speaking ability are validation principle, competence education, objective, fair, open, continuity, comprehensive and economical. Based on the reality, some speaking ability's assessment principles in higher education have not fully actualized yet. The effort to realize the speaking ability's assessment principle in higher education is by doing assessment based on information technology. The use of information technology in assessing speaking ability can actualize the assessment principle. The actualized principles are economical, open, accountable, continuity, and integrated principle.


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