Pendampingan Penerapan Energizer dalam Pembelajaran Bagi Guru Mi Al Iman Balesari Kecamatan Windusari, Kabupaten Magelang

Sri Sarwanti • Endah Ratnaningsih

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 7 pages)


The teaching-learning process in this school is still run traditionally in which a teacher-centered approach is occured. The teacher explains the subject matter and after that the students are asked to do the exercises. There are no activities that increase students' motivation to increase students' concentration and interest in the lesson.In relation to the problems, a structured and integrated training and mentoring are needed to be done. The skill of creating activities that lasted 2 to 3 minutes aimed at maintaining the concentration and motivation of students is absolutely necessary for the learning process to be effective. In addition, it takes some time for the brain to process new information in it.This program started with training activities to change the mindset and increase teachers' insight into the importance of energizers in learning. In this training, teachers are required to be creative in creating various kinds of fun activities on the sidelines of learning. Furthermore, the energizers application of this training applied in the classroom.


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