Nilai Budaya Lokal dalam Cerpen Warung “Penajem” dan Relevansinya dalam Pengajaran Sastra di Perguruan Tinggi

Theresia Pinaka Ratna Ning Hapsari

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 17 pages)


Rapid modernization may step the local culture down unwittingly. Without a strong defense, that local culture will be eroded and disappeared sooner or later. The efforts are needed to keep the local culture and make it more recognizable to the world. It is true that culture is nation identity, so if the local culture more and more steps down, the nation has no identity. One of the milestone defenses is youth because they will continue the life of the nation. In the effort of keeping the local culture, the knowledge about culture has to be reviewed in every field, including in educational field. Local culture in educational field can be presented in literary work to interest the reader. Literary work which is reflected society's life can be a device to keep local culture. The short story entitled Warung “Penajem” is one of literary works contained local culture of Javanese society. This short story gives example to keep Javanese culture and raise nation identity to the world.


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