Pendampingan Pembelajaran Aktif melalui Permainan Edukatif Berbasis Kearifan Lokal Bagi Peserta Taman Pendidikan Al Qur'an (Tpq) di Desa Balesari, Kecamatan Windusari, Kabupaten Magelang

Endah Ratnaningsih • Sri Sarwanti

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 12 pages)


This activity is based on the fact that there is a Village of Tidar University that is Balesari Village, Windusari District. This village is a village with a large population growth but inversely proportional to the level of qualification possessed by the population.Recognizing the importance of a balance between worldly and religious education, this community-focused program focuses on mentoring that focuses on the English learning, with a particular approach, through educational games based on local wisdom. This is very beneficial because this mentoring besides will make TPQ participants gain knowledge of religion, they will also get input in the form of educative game which still bring the elements of local wisdom so that at one time they can learn, play, and preserve local wisdom.This active learning focuses on: 1) What are the different forms of educative games based on local wisdom used, 2) How is the use of educational games based on local wisdom to develop the creativity of TPQ participants, 3) What are the factors that hinder the creative development of TPQ participants through the use of educational games. The implications of this program mean that in the future this mentoring program can be expanded its scope. Output of the mentoring program is an active learning model through educational games based on local wisdom for TPQ participants.


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