Regional Investment Attractiveness, 2003: Rating of 200 Districts/Municipalities in Indonesia

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KPPOD (Komite Pemantauan Pelaksanaan Otonomi Daerah/Regional Autonomy Watch), which has existed for as long as regional autonomy, is seeking to realize its vision of partaking in the creation of a conducive business climate in the era of autonomy through various activities. As one of its annual activities, KPPOD conducted a “Rating on Investment Attractiveness of Districts/Municipalities for Year 2003” covering 156 Districts and 44 Municipalities in Indonesia. The study is the third rating; the first was in 2001 covering 90 Districts/Municipalities while the second was in 2002 with 134 Districts/Municipalities. Apart from being a reference for investors in weighing investment decisions, this activity is intended to induce healthy competition among autonomous regions in facilitating economic activities. Likewise, the activity is expected to become one of the means to assist principal parties to evaluate the regional autonomy. The enthusiasm of the business community regarding the research in previous years and a mixture of comments from autonomous regions, as well as the wide media coverage spurred by the study, drive KPPOD to do the same activity regularly.


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Komite Pemantauan Pelaksanaan Otonomi Daerah

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