Assessment Budaya Organisasi Puskesmas dengan Pendekatan Competing Values Framework (Studi di Puskesmas Sanan Kulon, Kabupaten Blitar)

Christine Indrawati • Agung Dwilaksono
Journal article Buletin Penelitian Sistem Kesehatan • Oktober 2007


Performances of health service are very determined by Health Centers (Puskesmas). So, making the Puskesmas performance good and maintaining to be good is a compulsion. The main issue associated with organizational culture is linkage with organizational performance. The relationship between organizational culture and performance has been established. This study aimed to determine the dominant culture type of a Puskesmas. It was a descriptive study with a cross sectional design. The study was conducted during February to March 2007, at Sanan Kulon Health Center, in Blitar District. There were 38 personnels of Sanan Kulon Health Center selected by total sampling technique. Data were analyzed quantitatively. Results showed that the dominant culture at Puskesmas Sanan Kulon was cultural type of clan (53%). It concluded that the dominant culture type based on demographic characteristics (gender, age, position, years of employment) at Sanan Kulon Health Center, Blitar District dominated by cultural type of clan. The dominant Culture of Sanan Kulon Health Center, Blitar District for the current situation and prefered situation showed that the dominant culture were the clan type.


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