Media Web Site sebagai Sarana Alternatif dalam Melakukan Proses Pembelajaran secara Elektronik

Meliana Christianti • Djoni Setiawan Kartawihardja

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 8 pages)


Electronic learning web site can be use as an alternative tool to help study process. By exploiting technology of computer, electronic learning web site can be use to deliverlearning material for everyone. Electronic learning web site can give opportunity for learners to get the learning materials and doing the entire examination problem not limited by time and place.Electronic learning web site includes several concerns. Learner can access the learningmaterial every moment and repeatedly. The learning material was created by administrator. Administrator uploads the learning materials, which are downloaded by learner. The learner can download all the learning material.In this electronic learning system, learner has flexibility to determine the length of examination time. Learner can do the examination in the specified length of time. Examination problem was created by administrator. So, by using electronic learning system, the learning process can run without physical attendance. Therefore in electronic learning process, physical attendance doesn’t need (not like conventional learningprocess).


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