Implementasi XML Signature pada Dokumen XML untuk Transkrip Nilai Online

Bernard Renaldy Suteja

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 14 pages)


XML as data representation is used for data exchange among various web based applications. XML documents have a structured format and they are machine-useable and human-readable. This causes the XML to have a big chance to be modified, so the data integrity is no longer secure. In order to keep the integrity, a standard way issued by W3C using XML Digital Signature is needed. There are three types of XML Digital Signature, i.e. Enveloped, Enveloping and Detached. This research applies the two types; Enveloped and Enveloping by using online transcript case and data transcript verification with XML format, witch already has digital signature. In creating or developing the XML-base next application, it is important to use this security standard to create secure XML.


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