Aplikasi Information Retrieval (IR) CATA Dengan Metode Generalized Vector Space Model

Hendra Bunyamin • Chathalea Puspa Negara

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 10 pages)


Information retrieval (IR) system is a system, which is used to search and retrieve information relevant to the user’s needs. IR system retrieves and displays documents that are relevant to the user’s input (query). The Cata application is one among Information Retrieval Systems. This application has features such as to add and change a document in document collections. There is also a feature to search the information in document collections by using Generalized Vector Space Model algorithm. Before applying this algorithm, the query which is entered by the user will be process first. The processing of words includes the disposal of stopwords and stemming. This application performs searching the documents which are relevant to the queries, based on the similarities. The searching result which is ordered based on the highest of the similarity value.


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