Aplikasi Pengaturan Antrian (Studi Kasus: Customer Service Plasa Telkom Makassar)

Teddy Marcus Zakaria • Gini Windiasari

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 13 pages)


Customer Service is one of the important things for the company these days. That’s why PT. Telkom  presented Plasa Telkom  as  a  bridge  between  the  company  and  its  customer. But there’s  a  problem,  which  is  queue  process  is  still  conventional  and  not  in  order.  This application can solve that problem. It has features, such as arranging queue number, queue registration,  calling  customer  with  certain  queue  number  and  showing  which  table  who calling  the  customer,  showing  customer  data,  showing  customer  service  official  data, showing  customer  service  report,  showing  and  changing  customer  service  official  data, showing  and  changing  supervisor  data,  showing  and  changing  administrator  data.  The result  can help queue arranging process. This application  could used  for other  company which  have  multi  channel  single  phase  queue,  having  more  than  one  service,  having unlimited queue  total, and used  for  customer  service department. For  example are banks and health clinics. Some adaptations may be needed by other companies.


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