Pemodelan 3 Dimensi Notasi Laban dengan Direct Kinematic dan Matrik Transformasi

Andy Pramono
Journal article Jurnal Teknik Informatika dan Sistem Informasi • 2008 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 16 pages)


In the field of dance specially education of dance art, so far, the use of Laban notation as a writing media of work is still not many. This because there are variety of kinds and forms of Laban notation. This research aims  to create a system  that  is capable  to represent Laban notation  in  3  dimension  model  based  on  human  being  ergonomics  movement  angle. Although  the documentation of dance work  is available, but during  reimplementation,  the result  obtained  is  not  the  same  as  the  actual    dance. This  because,  the writing  of  dance work  is    still  in manual,  so  it  is   unknown whether  the notation  that had been made  is  in conformity with  the actual dance work.   Based on  the mentioned above,  in  the  end many choreography  either  in  Indonesia  or  in  the  world  are  not  documented  by  using  Laban notation, but with video media or picture. This Research is done by, in the  input system, is in the form of data conversion of Laban notation. The next process  is the process of  code  transfer  transformation. This process  is done by  joining  each part of    conversion data based on  key  frame animation parameter. After  that,  is  the  movement  data  transfer  process,    this  is  done  by  transferring  transformation  code  to  get movement  data  that  is  contain of  rotation  or movement  data. The next is  matrix movement process based on 3 dimension dot matrix movement data with direct  kinematics  and  key  frame  animation  parameter  with  reference  to  the    amount  of  formed frame based on knocking time that is transferred to become the amount of frame at the forming model of dance animation movement for 3 dimension model.


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