Micro-celebrity On New Media Self-presentation Study On Micro-celebrity's Vlog - Selebriti Mikro di Media Baru Kajian Presentasi Diri dalam Vlog Selebriti Mikro

Lidwina Mutia Sadasri
Journal article Jurnal Penelitian Komunikasi dan Opini Publik • Desember 2017

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 15 pages)


The development of communication media is giving a space to self-development as an individual, such as new media's USAge, internet, on many kinds of self-presentation. The type of self-presentation of online social media is more diverse with its actors is not only a popular person on mass media. This is the consequences of new media characteristics that empower many users that could involve and participate on virtual world, including ordinary people. With the rise of demotic turn, as Turner (2010) said, ordinary people could increase its visibility, one of them could be seen with the label as micro-celebrity on new media (Senft, 2008). Nowadays, video blogging as one of a king of content development on new media, is highly used as a media to present themselves as micro-celebrity. Moreover, YouTube as a kind of video-platform social network is labelled as a most popular websites at England since November, 2007 (Burgess & Green, 2009). Not only the massive USAge of it, but the various content that tend to be controversial, makes this phenomena is more interesting to be analyzed, one of them is practiced by Karin Novilda, who had 20,000 YouTube's subscribers. One of the question that arise related to the fact is that how self-presentation is practiced on new media by micro-celebrity through video-blogging. The phenomena could be analyzed with literature review and points out some tendency that are celebrity practiced that performed such as fan base management untuk affiliation with other celebrity and the type of acquisitive self-presentation that developed.


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