News Bandung Minangkala Festival 2016 In Online Media - Pemberitaan Minangkala Bandung Festival 2016 di Media Online

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Journal article Jurnal Penelitian Komunikasi dan Opini Publik • Desember 2017

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Promotion tour of Bandung through the news Minangkala Bandung Festival (MBF) in the online media is a strategy to increase tourist visits. This study aims to analyze the contents of MBF news coverage in online media during the period of August to October 2016, with a focus of the study describing the meaning of messages conveyed in the promotion of tourism Bandung. The method used is the technique of content analysis with quantitative approach, then do the interpretation of news data in the substance of destination branding. The results showed that the promotion of tourism through MBF 2016 has contained five stages of destination branding, where the highest percentage is containing the content of brand launch and introduction which discussed the participation of citizens of Bandung and delegates from abroad, and has an impact on the formation of people's perception and reality in increasing the visit tours. The most frequent source of information was from bureaucrats, the topics contained about the topic of review and festival organizing, and the most news category themed lifestyle, with a more positive tone of news that could give a good impression to the public. In order to promote tourism through MBF as expected, should be made measurable maping data as monitoring and evaluation material to know its development significantly.


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