Pengembangan Sistem Pembimbing Akademik secara Online dengan Memanfaatkan Teknologi Rich Internet Application

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Journal article Sisfotenika • 2017

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 10 pages)


Academic Guidance happened to STMIK Atma Luhur currently exist but the manual and uncontrolled. Activity counselors only for mengentri card study plan students every semester, consultation KRS which will take students and consulting other problems held by the student while the supervisor of academic not hold recap consulting academic guidance and if asked the supervisor of academic respectively , Sometimes they lose the list of students who should be in consultation. System counselors based this website is intended to control the students in the PA by lecturers each and the student data is guidance control as well as a history student who had guidance to the supervisor of academic and faculty counselors can print at any time data list student guidance. The PA system with applied technologies of Rich Internet Application (RIA) that have characteristics that is responsive and interactive. Adoption of rich Internet applications on the system of academic counselors based website is able to interact with students everywhere are guided by the characteristics of rich Internet applications, interactive and responsive. Characteristics of the Interactive RIA on this system is available chat. Where facilitate student and faculty academic supervisor for consultation. While responsive characteristics contained in each link in the system, especially in the form of guidance.


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