Analisis Kinerja Penerapan Smk3 pada Proyek Konstruksi Apartemen di Jakarta

Retna Kristiana • Dedy Wijayanto
Journal article Ikraith Teknologi • November 2017 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 6 pages)


In the implementation of the construction project there are various potential hazards which include the aspects of occupational safety and health, so that if the use of implementation methods and application of Occupational Safety and Health Management System is not accurate and less thorough it can lead to work accidents. Analysis of OSHS application is intended to know the OSHS procedures that affect the application performance of SMK3 Puri Mansion Apartment Development Project, West Jakarta. From result of SPSS analysis, testing together (Test F) value of F table equal to 2,93, value of F count result of data processing is 1,328. While the test partially (Test t) t value of 2,042 which indicates there are some factors or variables of SMK3 procedure that there is significant influence with the performance of SMK3 application on Puri Mansion Apartment Construction Project.


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