Tingkat Penerapan Pertanian Organik dan Pola Perilaku Komunitas Petani Sayur Organik di Kecamatan Trawas Kabupaten Mojokerto

Sudarko Sudarko • Kholifatus Saadah • Lenny Widjayanthi
Journal article Jurnal Sosial Ekonomi Pertanian • 2015

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 15 pages)


Vegetables provide nutrients for health and maintenance of human body. Apart from this fact about its nutrient-content, human also need to make sure the vegetables they consume are chemical free. The most important factor in running this organic farming system is farmers€™ behavior over the system itself. This behavior, supported by the farmers€™ knowledge about the farming system, will lead to their demeanor in applying the farming system in Trawas. This research uses three methods; descriptive method, correlation method and analytic method. To collect the sample, Simple Random Sampling is used. From 104 members of the community, by using Slovin€™s formula, the researcher gets 31 respondents as the samples. Furthermore, the researcher uses scoring and Rank Spearman method in the analysis. The result of this research shows that; 1) the rank of the farmers€™ behavior are average, and the rank of the knowledge are also average (54,84%), while the rank of the demeanor are high (64,52%), and the rank of the skills are high (64,52%); 2) the rank of the application of the organic farming system in Trawas is high (54,84%); 3) there is corelation between knowledge, demeanor and skill with the application of organic system in District of Trawas at the 99% rate of signification. Keywords : Organic Farming, Farmer Behavior, Vegetables Farming Keywords : Organic Farming, Farmer Behavior, Vegetables Farming


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