Peningkatan Produksi Ubi Kayu Berbasis Kawasan di Provinsi Jawa Barat dan Sulawesi Selatan

Ening Ariningsih
Journal article Analisis Kebijakan Pertanian • 2016 Indonesia


Decree of Minister of Agriculture (Kepmentan) No. 03/2015 deals with the development of cassava clusters in 20 regencies in Indonesia. This study aimed to analyze production shares and dynamics, constraints, and opportunities to improve production, and efforts to improve cassava production in cassava clusters of West Java and South Sulawesi. The study was done in Bandung, Sumedang (West Java), and Maros (South Sulawesi) Regencies, using both secondary and primary data, during April–October 2015. Analysis of production increase opportunities was done using a linear regression, whilst that of cassava productivity increase problems in those regencies of cassava clusters was carried out using Importance-Performance Analysis (IPA). Data of the study consist of both primary and secondary. The number of respondents was 10 persons at the district level, while at the village level was 15 persons. Results of the study showed that regencies established as cassava clusters generally had relatively high production share of total cassava production at the provincial level. Furthermore, not all district-producing centers have opportunities to increase cassava productivity because it is already close to its potential. However, efforts to increase production in cassava clusters should be conducted by increasing productivity due to land competition with other commodities. In developing the cassava cluster, preparation of an Action Plan at the regency-level is an important step to take.


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