Analisis Kelemahan Regulasi Poktan, Gapoktan, UPJA, dan LKM-A dalam Peningkatan Pendapatan Petani

Sri Hanggana
Journal article Analisis Kebijakan Pertanian • 2017


Farmers' organizations play important role in agricultural development, but its existence has some weaknesses. This study aims to analyze the regulation weaknesses related with farmers' group, farmers' group federation (Gapoktan), Agricultural Equipment Service Business (UPJA), and Agribusiness Micro Finance Institution (LKM-A). This study used a survey method and literature study. Regulations of farmers' organization do not deal with membership status and social or business type of the organization. UPJA regulation does not clearly determine whether agricultural equipment grant is sufficient to meet the members' need and how to get sufficient capital. Thus, more appropriate regulations for the said organizations are urgently required.


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