Strategi Komunikasi Pemanfaatan Varietas Unggul Baru Padi Toleran Rendaman

Herlina Tarigan • Rita Nur Suhaeti • Rudy Sunarja Rivai
Journal article Analisis Kebijakan Pertanian • 2016 Indonesia


Indonesia is still in struggle achieving sustainable food self-sufficiency, especially for rice. Rice production enhancement deals with many challenges, among others, negative impacts of climate change such as floods and droughts. Submergence tolerant rice varieties (STRV) invented by IAARD takes a relatively long time to be adopted by rice farmers. It needs an effective communication strategy to overcoming this situation. This paper identifies communication system in STRV dissemination process and acceptance while trying to formulate an effective communication strategy to speed up the adoption process to support food self-sufficiency achievement. Farmers' rate of adoption of technology innovation was influenced by internal factors, external factors, socio-economic and environmental conditions. The research was conducted in 2015 on various types of lowland, that is, prone-flood irrigated lowland in West Java Province and in swamp tidal irrigated lowland and swampy irrigated lowland in South Kalimantan Province. The data were analyzed using both communication theory and institutional evaluation. SRTV socialization communication and adoption was a stratified communication linear model, directional, and no room for feedback. This system could only work effectively in a relatively long time such that the behavior change was slow. The system will be more effective in reaching early adopter groups and takes longer to spread to other recipient groups. An effective, equitable interactional communication model was required by setting up dialogues on each stage such that STRV adoption could be accelerated. Institutionally, STRV adoption required new breakthroughs because, in addition to technical problems, it was necessary to improve technology dissemination mechanism with better communication systems.


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