Kinerja Berbagai Pola Usaha Pembibitan Sapi Lokal di Beberapa Daerah Pengembangan Sapi Potong

Nyak Ilham • Kurnia Suci Indraningsih • Roosganda Elizabeth
Journal article Analisis Kebijakan Pertanian • 2017 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 16 pages)


Law No. 41/2014 deals with animal husbandry and health, supply and development of beef cattle breeding conducted by prioritizing domestic production by farmers, breeding companies and both central and local governments. One of beef cattle breeding issues in Indonesia is the concept of breeding still partially developed and not closely related with its type and dispersion in Indonesia. This paper aims to describe and characterize various business patterns of beef cattle breeding. Based on existing patterns and characteristics, breeding business has been developed in order to increase national production of beef cattle breeding. Data and information were collected from four provinces, i.e. Aceh, Central Java, Bali, and NTB. Primary data were collected through interview involving 185 respondents from various stakeholders. Data and information were analyzed through qualitative and quantitative description approach with tabulation and schemes techniques. Three types of beef cattle breeding are intensive and semi-intensive farmers' groups, company, and government patterns. Based on each pattern, there was linkage of manufactured product utilization among the existing patterns to optimize of national beef cattle breeding system. To support this linkage, it needs synergy in various patterns of cattle beef breeding in a region where local BPTU-HPT/UPTD play a role as producers of cattle beef breed and advisers for farmers' groups and companies in its working region. Government is expected to purchase qualified beef cattle breeding products manufactured by its advised farmers groups.


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