Islamic Religion Value on the Liric Text of Kaili Pop Song Regional Review of Literature in Islamic Education

Yunidar Yunidar • Ulinsa Ulinsa
Journal article Al-Ulum: Jurnal Studi Islam • 2017

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(English, 15 pages)


Lyric of the Kaili Pop song is a literary work that reflects the cultural attitudes of the Kaili society as the owner. The lyrics of the song express feelings or ideas of authors based on the author's life experience. The lyrics of the Kaili's songs that are unique in the theoretical perspective representing the cultural values of Kaili that implicate literature, especially on religious values of Islamic education, (1) prayer (2) repentance, and (3) firmness/resignation. The data of this qualitative research is the text of the lyrics of Kaili pop song. The data source of this research is Kaili songs obtained through audiovisuals in the form of cassettes or CDs. Data were collected through documentation study. The text of the song’s lyric was transcribed into the data card sheets and coded according to the focus of the research. The data transcription is analyzed in accordance with the steps of analysis proposed by Ricoeur consisting of (1) semantic understanding stage, (2) reflective understanding stage, and (3) existential understanding stage.


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