Irigasi Kecil: Kinerja, Masalah, dan Solusinya

Tri Bastuti Purwantini • Rita Nur Suhaeti
Journal article Forum Penelitian Agro Ekonomi • 2017 Indonesia


Irrigation facilities is one of the key factors in farming, especially for food crop farming, including rice. A small-scale irrigation system has an area of less than 500 hectares, and it is the backbone of family food security which in turn will lead to national food security. Damage irrigation system networks will threaten food production increase. In the future, irrigation infrastructure must be better managed so that agricultural sector can realize agricultural diversification, conserve wider irrigation system and maintain local wisdom and social capital in irrigation management. The objective of the paper is to analyze performance, problems and solutions of small irrigation systems in Indonesia, including small irrigation concepts and understanding, small irrigation performance and development, small irrigation development policies, factors affecting smallscale irrigation development, investments, and prospects. The paper also compares various performances, problems and solutions of small irrigation systems in other countries. Small scale irrigation performance is often better than large-scale irrigation, in the sense of water availability throughout the year and equitable water distribution for all service areas.


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