Menurunkan Tekanan Darah dengan Cara Mudah pada Lansia

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Journal article Indonesian Journal of Nursing Practices • 2017 Indonesia


Background: hypertension is a State where the systolic blood pressure is greater than or equal to 140 mmHg, diastolic blood pressure and greater than or equal to 90 mmHg. The world health organization (WHO) report there is 12.8% of deaths caused by hypertension worldwide, and as much as 40% of adults had suffered from hypertension. Purpose: to know how the walk against the blood pressure in the elderly with hypertension in the House social services Tresna Werdha (BPSTW) unit Budhi Sublime, Kasongan, Bantul, Yogyakarta. Method: the type of this research is quantitative approach to time series design (circuit design time). The population in this research as much as 88 respondents with samples as many as 12 respondents taken using purposive sampling technique. Results: Wilcoxon test results on samples obtained results for the z value of systole count =-2.271 and p value = 0.023 α < 0.05. In addition the results to calculate the z value of diastole =-2.530 and p value = 0.011 α < 0.05 meaning there influence between walk against blood pressure in elderly hypertension. Conclusion: walking affects blood pressure changes (down) on the elderly with hypertension.


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