Persepsi Mahasiswa Profesi Ners Tentang Kode Etik Keperawatan Indonesia di Rumah Sakit Pendidikan Universitas Muhammadiyah YOGYAKARTA

Wulan Noviani
Journal article Indonesian Journal of Nursing Practices • 2016 Indonesia


Professional ethic code of nurses' are the fundamen- tal in nursing practice. Nursing students profession as a professional candidate in health care system are com- monly faced the dillema ethics during their clinical ex- periences. This study was conducted to explore the perception of nursing student profession about Indo- nesian nurses'codes of ethics in academic hospital Uni- versitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta. The research was used desccriptive qualitative. The total informan this study was 26 people. The inclusion criterias were as a nursing student in nursing profession program in UMY teaching hospitals. It was collected using FGD and indepth interview. The validity of data were used con- struct validity through triangulation process, internal and external validity, then realiability. Data was ana- lyzed using content analysis. The research result showed that perception of nursing student profession was good categorized. Nursing student regarded that Indonesian nurses' ethics codes as a behaviour guidance for Indo- nesian nurses' to giving nursing care. The function of its are for guidance, regulator and controller for nurs- ing intervention. The content of Indonesian ethic codes for nurses included the relationship among nurses and patient, practice, society and profession based on ethi- cal principles. All of the nursing student have been prac- ticing Indonesian ethic codes of nurses' but it have sev- eral obstacles in their practice such as themselves, envi- ronment, role model, and facilities in hospitals. The perception of nursing student profession about Indo- nesian ethic codes was good.


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