Otonomi Wanita Dan Pemanfaatan Antenatal Care (Anc) Pada Primigravida Remaja Di Daerah Pedesaan, Jawa Tengah

Windha Widyastuti
Journal article Indonesian Journal of Nursing Practices • 2017 Indonesia


Pregnant adolescents with marital status and primigravida, making adolescent vulnerable apart from high risk pregnancies, as well as the low propensity of decision-making power in their family. This low autonomy tends to affect their ANC utilization. This correlation study aims to examine the relationship between women autonomy and ANC utilization, conducted from September to October, 2015, among 85 married teenage primigravida, gestational age> 28 weeks, across Pekalongan District, through Chi Square analysis. The results showed that 31.8% of adolescents had inadequate ANC utilization. It related to the overall women autonomy index (p-value = 0.013, X2 = 6.168), especially for familial dimension of health care decision making power (p-value = 0.000, X2 = 31.264). Results indicate the importance of women autonomy among married adolescents especially during pregnancy, that is influenced by husband and family who live with them. Thus, this woman's autonomy should include in wedding consultations to teenagers and families


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