The Effect Benson Relaxation Technique with Anxiety in Hemodyalisis Patients in YOGYAKARTA

Anisa Nuri Kurniasari • Anita Kustanti • Harmilah Harmilah
Journal article Indonesian Journal of Nursing Practices • 2016


Hemodialysis is a treatment that must be done by patients with chronic renal failure. Hemodialysis can changes the various aspects of life of patients, and it cause anxiety. One of the method that can used to reduce anxiety is Benson relaxation techniques. This technique is a combination of relaxation and elements of religious beliefs espoused. To determine the effect of Benson relaxation techniques for anxiety in patients undergoing hemodialysis therapy. Quasi Experiment pre post test design with comparison groups with simple randomization tech- niques conducted, the number of respondents is 30 people were di- vided into intervention group (n = 14) were given relaxation Benson for 2 weeks every day at 6 am and 5 pm and the comparison group (n = 16) were not given the intervention. Anxiety measurements performed twice pretest and posttest with Analog Anxiety Scale (AAS). The average of respondent's anxiety pre dan post relaxation tecnic Benson in the inter- vention group 21,93 and 13,59. And in the comparison group 17,19 and 12,94. This study showed that there was a significant decrease in anxiety scores in the intervention group p=0.001 (p<0.05) and com- parison group p=0,014 (p<0,05). The study showed that the interven- tion group obtained a average difference of 8.36, while in the control group obtained a average difference of 4.25 with p value 0.118 (p> 0.05). There are no significant differences in the average difference of anxiety in both groups. Benson relaxation techniques have no effect to the de- crease anxiety scores of hemodialysis patients.


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