Uji Beda Efek Guided Imagery Dan Ethyl Chloride Terhadap Nyeri Saat Pemasangan Infus Pada Anak

Indra Tri Astuti • Nopi Nur Khasanah
Journal article Indonesian Journal of Nursing Practices • 2017


The infusion procedures are the first invasive treatment conducted in Emergency Room (ER) to fullfil the need of fluid and electrolyte. Those treatments can cause pain on children. The untreated pain can cause any serious effect, both in short term and long term. Nurses need to use the appropriate method to decrease the pain on children when infusion is installed to decrease those effects. This study is aimed to analyze the differences of children pain score when having infusion procedures with guided imagery and ethyl chloride intervention. This study used quasi experimental study with 30 children as participants by using non equivalent control group design. The group was taken by using consecutive sampling technique. The data was collected by using Wong-Baker face pain rating scale and analyzed by post hoc Mann-Whitney test. The result showed that ρ value were 0,530 (ρ>0,05), of which can be concluded that there is no significant difference on the two interventions. Guided imagery could be used as an alternative pain management for non farmachology and non invasive on children when having the infusion procedures at ER.


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