Analisis Determinan Gizi Kurang pada Balita di Kulon Progo, YOGYAKARTA

Nina Dwi Lestari
Journal article Indonesian Journal of Nursing Practices • 2016 Indonesia


Undernutrition was still a prior problem in Kulon Progo,Yogyakarta. The objectives of this study were to determine nutritional status in children under five years and related factors. Cross sectional study was conducted with 155 children under five years. Nutritional status was assessed using anthropometric measure- ment. There was a significant association between child's age, exclusife breastfeeding, child's dietary intake, caregivers' practice and mother's perception with child's nutritional status and child's dietary energy intake was the most factor that significant correlated. These findings indicates that the roles of com- munity nurses are needed to improves children nutritional status using education and partnership.


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