Pengaruh Active Cycle of Breathing Technique Terhadap Peningkatan Nilai Vep1, Jumlah Sputum, Dan Mobilisasi Sangkar Thoraks Pasien Ppok

Titih Huriah • Dwi Wulandari Ningtias
Journal article Indonesian Journal of Nursing Practices • 2017


Airway clearance is an integral part of the management of COPD to cope clinical symptoms such as sputum production and shortness of breath that causes impairment VEP1, excessive sputum production, and impaired toraks mobilization. Nurses can help COPD patients to break the chain of the existing complaint with the Active Cycle of Breathing Technique (ACBT). The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of ACBT in increasing VEP1, reducing amount of sputum, and increasing mobilization of the thoracic cage in COPD patients. This is a Quasi Experimental study with pre-post test with control group design. The 30 participants were divided into experimental group (15 subjects) and control group (15 subjects) by using quota sampling. The experimental group received ACBT and pharmacological therapy and the control group just received pharmacological therapy. Result findings show that ACBT give a significant effect on the amount of sputum and thoracic expansion in the intervention group than the control group, with p = 0.026 and p = 0.004 respectively, while for the value of VEP1, ACBT not provide significant effect with p = 0.058. ACBT effective in helping expenditures sputum and increasing thoracic expansion COPD patients, but less effective in enhancing the VEP1.


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